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My Fountain Pen and Ink Set Up

Hello friends,

As someone who loves stationery, I'm aware of the plastic waste that comes with buying pens. I decided to invest in some refillable fountain pens back when I lived in Wellington, and since then I've refilled them many times with ink.

The fountain pens I chose to invest in are the Lamy Safari Fountain Pens, with Left-Handed nibs, and refillable converters. I bought 4 of them so that I could always have one pen in black ink, one pen in bright pink ink, and two others with varying colours depending on my mood. The reason why I chose Lamy fountain pens, is that they are one of the few fountain pen manufacturers who supply left-handed nibs, and they have parts available if the pen needs to be fixed.

When my hubby mentioned to a work mate that I was buying my first fountain pen, I was soon inundated with many samples of fountain pen ink to try, and some big bottles of colours that they weren't very fond of. I was grateful for their generosity, and since then I have not had to buy much ink at all for my fountain pens.

Occasionally I have a fountain pen clean out day, and I disassemble all my fountain pens and soak all the parts in a big tub for about an hour.

After rinsing all the pen parts until the water runs clear, I leave them to dry.

The next step is pretty fun, as I get to reassemble my pens, and then choose which inks to put into them. The pen ink I choose regularly are Lamy Crystal Ink Obsidian and Lamy Crystal Ink Rhodonite. My two other favorite colours are Private Reserve Arabian Rose, and J Herbin Poussiere De Lune (which means moon dust in French).

My fountain pens are currently filled with these colours, and in a couple of weeks when the pens are empty I get to have the fun of choosing ink colours all over again.

Have a wonderful day


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